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What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a commission-based process in which affiliate marketers promote a company’s products and services, helping generate leads and traffic. Affiliates, also known as publishers, can include bloggers, social media influencers, and brands with audiences similar to the target customers of the companies they promote.

The concept behind affiliate marketing is straightforward: affiliates earn a commission when customers they refer make a purchase. If you want to boost product sales, collaborating with affiliate marketers is a smart move. Additionally, for those looking to generate income without selling products directly, promoting various services and products can be a lucrative option.

Affiliate marketing has become a prevalent strategy for businesses to increase online revenue and product sales. Statistics indicate a 10.1% increase in affiliate marketing spending in the US, projected to exceed $6.8 billion in the near future. Notably, 81% of brands place their trust in affiliate marketing, a figure expected to rise.

Consequently, affiliate marketing is poised to significantly impact online sales, contributing to approximately 15% to 20% of successful online sales. In India, the Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI) predicts that affiliate marketing will surpass $835 million by 2025. The current landscape of online businesses presents thriving opportunities for the affiliate marketing sector.

To excel as an affiliate marketer, it’s essential to learn the strategies, enhance your skill set, and connect with industry leaders. Enrolling in an affiliate marketing course at Scallio Digital Academy of Kolkata is an ideal way to gain the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in this field. By taking such a course, aspiring affiliate marketers can chart a successful path and distinguish themselves from others, ultimately earning more in the industry.


Introduction To Our Affiliate Marketing Course 

We are a well-established team of digital marketing educators, committed to helping freelancers, graduates, professionals, and job seekers establish their presence in the affiliate marketing realm through our intensive Affiliate Marketing Course in Kolkata. In today’s digital age, affiliate marketing is gaining significant traction, presenting both opportunities and challenges.

To thrive in the competitive digital marketing landscape and emerge as accomplished affiliate marketers, our Affiliate Marketing Course in Kolkata offers invaluable insights. At Scallio Digital Academy, we take pride in sharing our expertise and strategies in affiliate marketing with a diverse audience, including aspirants, bloggers, homemakers, students, and individuals looking to generate income online. As leaders in affiliate marketing training, we are dedicated to empowering affiliate marketers to maximize their efforts and drive business success.

Our training program emphasizes practical exposure, enabling novice affiliate marketers to grasp real-world affiliate marketing tactics and their practical application. Scallio Digital Academy’s affiliate marketing course in Kolkata equips job seekers with cutting-edge industry skills in affiliate marketing. We cover various aspects, including affiliate marketing platforms, types, tips and tricks, lead generation, and sales enhancement. Therefore, joining hands with us for the Affiliate Marketing Course in Kolkata is a recipe for success.

Benefits of Affiliate Marketing

Targeted Traffic

Affiliates specialize in attracting a specific audience tailored to your business needs. This ensures that the traffic directed to your products or services is precisely aligned with your target market’s interests, resulting in improved sales.

Low Risk

Affiliate marketing is a low-risk strategy due to its cost-efficiency. Payments to affiliates are made upon successful conversions, minimizing financial risks, and making it an ideal choice for businesses operating on smaller budgets.

Choose Partners

Businesses have the freedom to select affiliate marketers based on their suitability and effectiveness in promoting products or brands. Retailers can assess the sustainability of potential affiliates and choose those who can best showcase their offerings.

Enlarges Audience

Affiliate marketers span across various markets and categories, offering a wide-reaching audience. Partnering with affiliates provides businesses with access to a diverse and extensive visitor base, contributing to a strong online presence.

Boosts Reputation

Collaborating with reputable websites and credible bloggers enhances the reputation of products and brands. Affiliate marketers play a crucial role in accelerating product growth and instilling customer confidence through third-party endorsements.


Affiliate marketing offers flexibility, with customizable affiliate programs suitable for both small and large businesses, allowing for planned cost management.

Affiliate Marketing Course Syllabus

  • What is Affiliate Marketing?
  • Top Affiliate Marketing networks
  • Develop your Affiliate Website/App/ Property
  • Integrating Amazon Products
  • How Affiliate Marketing Works
  • Affiliate marketing payment models
  • Apply for Affiliate Marketing network
  • How to promote Affiliate Products
  • Types of Affiliate Networks
  • How to Find a Profitable Niche
  • Amazon Affiliate Network
  • Measuring Results on Affiliate Sites


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Why Join our Affiliate Marketing Course @ Scallio Digital Academy, Kolkata

  • We are a distinguished training institute offering dedicated digital marketing courses coupled with comprehensive agency services.
  • Proud recipients of the Radio City Icon Awards 2019 for “Best Digital Marketing Institution,” recognizing our excellence in education.
  • Our Affiliate Marketing Course in Hyderabad guarantees 100% job assistance for aspiring professionals.
  • Top-rated Affiliate Marketing Institute with an impressive rating of 4.8/5 based on feedback from over 800 reviews.
  • Stay updated on job opportunities through regular email and WhatsApp group notifications.
  • Benefit from the vast knowledge of our faculty with over 14 years of industry experience, as well as insights from other industry experts.
  • Our Affiliate Marketing Course includes valuable internships and live project work, offering real-world experience.
  • Don’t worry about missed classes; we provide backup sessions and revision opportunities.

Ready To Start Learning?

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  • Stay connected with your peers and instructors through our dedicated WhatsApp group.
  • Engage in weekly project assignments to reinforce your learning.
  • Access complete study materials on a daily basis for a well-rounded education.
  • Receive free Affiliate Marketing e-books and guides to enhance your knowledge.
  • Prepare for success with Affiliate Marketing interview questions and mock interviews.
  • We offer assistance in crafting your resume for a competitive edge.
  • Get guidance and support for Google, Bing, and HubSpot certification exams, including mock exams for practice.
  • Our practical and job-oriented sessions equip you with relevant skills.
  • Stay updated with the latest Affiliate Marketing trends and network changes.
  • Enjoy access to a dedicated lab and lab assistance for hands-on learning.
  • We provide ongoing support even after you complete the Affiliate Marketing course.
  • Learn effective online money-earning strategies from industry experts.


True, Scallio Digital Academy educates aspirants with marketing strategies and techniques for productive marketing. Apart from the syllabus, we also provide real-time examples and assist you until you make money online.

 Do not worry about missing any classes, as we provide backup for classes missed.

We provide the course material and also share the soft copy of the same online.

Yes, we provide online assistance for students throughout and after the course to clarify students’ queries.

Yes, after completing any course, we send your resume to top companies, and we also provide various company contacts to students.

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