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You may master digital marketing in the most effective way possible with Scallio Digital Academy, which will prepare you for careers in the field. Participate in Our 3-Month Live Classes to:

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A wide range of quick courses and in-depth programs on every facet of digital marketing are available at Scallio Digital Academy. Mobile, social media, online shopping, sponsored search (PPC), organic search (SEO), strategy, analytics, and more fall under this category. In conclusion, anyone who is serious about making a wise adjustment to their work route can enroll in an online course.

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You'll Get Training in

The most recent developments in digital marketing trends are included in every one of our classes.

Digital Marketing

Any form of internet marketing that promote goods or services to expand a firm is referred to as digital marketing. Learn how to use a variety of technologies, including SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SMM (Social Media Marketing), PPC (Pay Per Click), email marketing, content marketing, and many more cutting-edge methods in a digital marketing course.


You can learn the strategies to rank your website higher in Google search results by using search engine optimization (SEO).


You can learn the strategies to rank your website higher in Google search results by using search engine marketing (SEO).


Via search engine marketing (SEM) training, you can learn how to use Google AdWords

Our Vast Variety of Offerings

Live Projects

Throughout the training program, you will have the chance to work on actual projects.

Hands-On Training

Every training module is created with the intention of giving students practical experience.

Career Advice

After your training, our team of professionals will assist you in exploring your options for employment.

Mock Interviews

Upon completion of the program, we will prepare you for interviews in a variety of sectors.

Flexible Sessions

As According to Available, We provide you with Flexible classes.

Doubt Clearing Sessions

Twice a week, individual doubt-clearing sessions will be offered by the trainers.

200+ Free Digital Marketing Tools

We will provide you with 200+ free digital marketing tools.

15+ Recognised Certificates

After successfully completing the program, you will be awarded over 15 credentials that are recognized across the world.

Speeding up your

Scallio Digital Academy promises to provide you with cutting-edge knowledge of digital marketing so you may succeed in your job. With our effective learning route, we can help you access a vast array of digital opportunities.

Placement Assistance for Corporate Soft Skills
Placement Support

A New Different Way To Improve Your Skills

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Why Scallio Digital Academy?

Scallio Digital Academy is the Digital Marketing Institute’s Master Licensee partner. About four years have passed since our personnel began cooperating with the DMI. We have experience in assisting students in maximizing their DMI study and certification experience.

Our corporate offices are in Kolkata, and we have a global network of premium partners. Nevertheless, being nearby (or in your time zone!) is not the only factor. Being local allows you to receive specialized counsel and direction.

Get fantastic studying assistance from knowledgeable digital pros in your area of the globe

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Scallio Digital Academy

From its beginning, Scallio Digital Marketing (SDM) has established a solid reputation in the field of digital marketing education. It has been striving toward educating individuals with cutting-edge online marketing technology ever since it began offering training in the fundamentals of digital marketing. The courses are created so that the students comprehend real-world case studies of issue resolution in addition to learning in-depth insights into digital marketing.

Our Former Students' Opinions

I found the entire training of Digital Marketing Institute in Kolkata very helpful and it benefitted me. The trainers helped me a lot to make my understanding in digital marketing and SEO better and advanced. Thank You !
Navami Karan
The best Digital Marketing Institute in Kolkata provided an exceptional learning experience, offering comprehensive industry-oriented knowledge and practical insights, empowering me for success in the dynamic skill of digital marketing.
Provas Dutta
Joining the best Digital Marketing Institute in Kolkata helped me advance my expertise in digital marketing. The syllabus was comprehensive and the experts are truly helpful and supportive. Thank You Very Much Scallio!
Nahid Khan

Develop Many Skills and Become A Qualified Digital Marketer

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